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EGA is the project management you need.
We provide every necessary aspect for optimal
management and development, as well as consulting services.

Project development services

Project management

Implementation of systems and procedures integrated by a team of professionals during all phases of the project.

Quality management

Carrying out the process of planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and documenting a system of policies and procedures to achieve optimal results.

Cost management

Manage, control and supervise all project costs during all phases of the project, through the provision of an integrated and complete system.

Contract administration

Implementation of the terms and conditions of a contract as established: systems, policies and procedures.

Time management

Proper planning, scheduling and coordination to achieve completion on time within budget and expected level of quality.

Security administration

Ensuring the implementation of appropriate methods and procedures by contractors to provide security to the project.

We also manage

  • Permitting advisory
  • Environmental assessments
  • PCA Property Condition Assessment
  • Site Inspections
  • Due diligences
  • Opinion of cost
  • Alta survey, Topographic evaluations
  • Feasibilities process


Pre construction

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In this phase we go through the programming and definition of the project, confirming the key participants, as well as the client’s expectations, requirements and specifications. This will give us the necessary information to continue with the Pre-Design and Design efforts.

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In this phase, our team of professionals ensures that the project deliverables are being met with the expected quality, on time and within budget. Efficient communication and security are keys to successful project execution.

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Post construction

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A project cannot be considered successful without a well-organized and complete conclusion. This post-construction stage will help the client achieve a smooth start-up with a complete understanding of how to operate and maintain their creation, as well as its complex infrastructure. It is at this stage that we harvest the excellence in the service and the visible control that EGA implemented during the previous phases of the project.

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Pre construcción

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Post construcción

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Procore platform


We work hard to ensure significance, innovation and specialization in all phases of your project. We have implemented a communication system called Procore Platform. This tool makes the control of your project visible, as it allows communication with those responsible for each task to always be agile and clear: our goal is to offer a fluid, transparent and efficient process. No automatic responses or obstacles.

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Control tools
for documents:

  • RFI’s
  • Submittals (Revisión técnica)
  • Document Management
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Drawing Management


  • Punch List
  • Schedule
  • Photos
  • Daily Log

Financial tools:

  • Prime Contract
  • Budget
  • Change Orders
  • Invoicing