EGA PROJECT MANAGEMENT began in 1986 under the name of Enrique García y Asociados, (EG&A), offering engineering project management services and construction of modern manufacturing plants for the manufacturing industry with national and foreign capital. Enrique García y Asociados changes its name to EGA at the beginning of 2009 and extends its project management services to the market for the construction and adaptation of commercial, corporate and residential buildings.

Since our founding, millions of square meters of buildings in Mexico and Latin America have been built hand in hand with us. Our visible control in the operation is one of a kind and the meticulous care of our projects supports us.

We are a company that works with passion in project management and close collaboration with our clients. We focus on the unique character of each project to turn it into its best version.


At EGA we have 5 basic but fundamental pillars that are:

  • Methodology
  • Business
  • Our
  • Technology
  • Experience


We have developed our own methodology, enriched with more than 35 years of experience and aligned with international standards such as PMI®️ and CMAA®️. This methodology is continually updated by our project teams through our continuous improvement process.


We become the technical extension of our allies by establishing mutually beneficial agreements, maintaining open and constant communication, and working together to achieve our objectives. We aim to generate lasting alliances founded on trust, transparency, and the commitment we demonstrate in every project.


At EGA, we believe that the progress and control of a project are not only visible through its outcomes but also through the hands and minds behind it. That’s why we have a highly trained team that leads in its field, providing the peace of mind and confidence necessary at each stage of the project.

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We believe that technology plays a crucial role in project management by providing tools and platforms that improve efficiency, collaboration, and visibility in decision-making. We are constantly on the lookout for the right technologies that can help our projects successfully achieve their objectives and remain competitive in a constantly changing business environment.

Currently, our use of Procore is the main tool to integrate the specific needs of managing our project portfolio.

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We are a Project Management Company that specializes in the design and build of industrial and commercial projects, having managed and supervised millions of square feet of buildings across Mexico and Latin America. We are known for our outstanding Visible Control and detailed care of the projects EGA manages. Since 1986, we have managed more than 16.5 million square feet, representing global-class companies from around the world (owners) as well as local industrial developers

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Pride, values and purpose


At EGA, we understand the importance of specialized attention in each project. We take pride in having developed a working method that meticulously cares for every detail.

We keep our clients informed and in Visible Control throughout the entire process through a system of transparency and communication. We live by Integrity, Human Sense, Experience, and Excellence as our guiding Values in everything we do.

Our Purpose at EGA is to Manage projects, driving prosperity and safeguarding the interests of our allies.

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